Tori Niu has been working as an Associate Storyboard Artist for Lucasfilm Animation since spring 2019 and recently shared some of their Bad Batch doodles on Twitter, much to the delight of the Bad Batch fan community.

Their work first came to people’s attention when some inquisitive fans discovered Niu’s personal site and started sharing some of Niu’s storyboard art and clips from a video meant for professional purposes – something the artist admitted they were a little uncomfortable with.

Nevertheless, Niu was kind enough to share some of their “dumb doodles” of the Batch with their newfound audience. Among these were sketches of Omega hanging out with a group of playful tookas and the young clone at various stages of her childhood and adolescence.

Just keep in mind that this is the artist’s personal interpretation of Omega’s evolution and not necessarily an indication of what Omega might look like in season two, though I’m definitely a fan of that armour and her darker hair (and skin tone).

Fans should note that while Niu worked on the series, none of the doodles shared on Twitter are meant to be considered canon – no, not even “cat girl” Hunter – and that they no longer draw the Bad Batch. In fact, according to Niu, some of the art shared on social media is a few years old.

It’s unclear whether this means that the show won’t be getting any more seasons beyond its upcoming second season or whether Niu has simply moved onto other projects. Whatever the case may be, I’m extremely grateful that Tori Niu chose to share their art with us, especially since there is a dearth of official behind-the-scenes content for us to mull over.

You can find Niu’s storyboard sketches and information about their other projects over on their online portfolio, and you are more than welcome to follow them on Twitter, @yuaniu.

A word of caution: Please do not repost any of their artwork without permission and without proper credit as this is simply another form of art theft and may deter Niu and other creators from sharing their work with the fanbase.

All of the images shown here are property of Tori Niu.

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