Hasbro unveiled its new collection of The Bad Batch Black Series action figures during Star Wars Celebration Europe, which includes a new figure of Omega in her colourful season two “Mercenary Gear”.

The fully articulated action figure will cost around $25 (plus shipping) and comes with three accessories: Omega’s signature energy bow, a collapsed version of the energy bow, and an alternate head sculpt, allowing fans to switch between Omega’s helmeted and unhelmeted look.

Young clone Omega travels in tow with her brothers, the Bad Batch. Armed with her trusty energy bow, she is indispensable on their adventures across a rapidly changing galaxy.

The Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Omega (Mercenary Gear) action figure is now available for pre-order over on Amazon, Amazon UK, Hasbro Pulse, and other online retailers and will be shipped by January 2024.


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