“Even in the darkest times, there’s hope.” A sign of our troubled times or simply words of consolation from Jennifer Corbett, head writer and executive producer of Star Wars: The Bad Batch, as fans try to come to terms with the tragic events of the show’s second season finale?

Hope has been a central theme in Star Wars since the franchise’s inception in the 1970s and the talented cast and crew of The Bad Batch recently reached out to the fans to lift their spirits and offer some delightful teases of what they can expect in the show’s third (and final) season.

Actor Michelle Ang (Omega) expressed her joy at being able to announce that season three is currently in production and that the cast and crew had gotten the chance to process the season two finale together on stage. She added “Just know that amongst the heartache, there will be a lot more heart, a lot more adventure” in the upcoming season.

Co-star Dee Bradley Baker assured fans that there are “more wonders coming”, that there are “more fantastic episodes coming”. Not that any of us had any doubt about that – especially after a phenomenal second season – but it’s comforting to hear that coming from the entire Bad Batch himself. So, what does season three have in store for us according to Dee? “More creatures, more drama, more evil, more hardship to overcome, more friendship, and more decisions that need to be made”. Buckle in, Bad Batch fans, because it’s clear that we’re in for another rollercoaster of a season!

Omega and Tech share a heart to heart in "The Crossing"

Another central theme in The Bad Batch – and Star Wars as a whole – is family. Executive producer Athena Portillo felt that this was something she had learnt through watching and working on the show. “Whether it is through blood or whether it is through co-workers or through friendships, relationships are key. And I personally would do anything for someone that I love.”

Supervising director Brad Rau echoed Portillo’s sentiments, adding that “family sticks together, thick as thieves,” while head writer Jennifer Corbett called on Bad Batch fans to “trust in family and fight for one another.” Over the course of the animated series’ first two seasons, we’ve seen Omega and her brothers go out of their way to help those in need and build up a network of trusted friends and allies, no matter the cost to their own personal safety. It’s clear that these established relationships and shared hardships will end up playing a pivotal role in The Bad Batch‘s final season.

AZI and Hunter nurse Omega back to health in "Plan 99"

As Corbett pointed out in the video’s closing statement, “the team may be fractured right now” (that’s an understatement) but “they love each other” and that there’s more of that story to tell in season three. And I, for one, cannot wait to see how the Batch’s story unfolds next year.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch will be returning for its final season sometime in 2024. What are your predictions for season three? Will the Batch get the happy ending they deserve or should we brace ourselves for another heart-wrenching finale? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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