Get yourself in the summer spirit with this summer vacation-themed Lego Star Wars short, which sees Omega and her brothers enjoying some well-earned rest and relaxation at the lake. That is, until notorious bounty hunter Cad Bane tries to kidnap Omega and ruin everyone’s day.

“Bad Batch Vacation” is one of five animated shorts that were released on YouTube to celebrate the release of the Lego Star Wars: Summer Vacation special on Disney+ last August, when I was taking my own extended vacation from updating this site. But, hey, summer is just around the corner again in this part of the world so… better late than never.

This isn’t the only Lego animated short that the Batch have appeared in. The boys first appeared in a Halloween-themed short back in 2021 while Omega made her Lego debut in the Lego Star Wars Celebration short film that was released in May 2022 to celebrate 45 years of Star Wars. In it, Clone Force 99 land the Marauder and walk the red carpet in style while their estranged brother Crosshair gets pelted with popcorn.

At the time of writing, no Lego Star Wars feature-length special had been announced for 2023, so it’s unlikely – though not impossible – that we’ll be seeing any new animated shorts featuring the Batch anytime soon. For now, feel free to check out the aforementioned shorts and keep your fingers crossed for more of these wholesome videos!

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