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Please note that this site is currently on hiatus and will not be updated until further notice. (Posted on 30th June 2022)

Welcome to All Things Omega, a Star Wars fan site devoted to Omega and the Star Wars: The Bad Batch fan community!

The only known female clone of Jango Fett and a valued member of Clone Force 99, Omega made her on-screen debut in season one of The Bad Batch and rapidly established herself as the heart and soul of the series. All Things Omega was launched in August 2021 in response to her growing popularity and the demands of her international fanbase.

Please note that All Things Omega is a fan-run website run by Kelly M and is intended for information and entertainment purposes only. This site is not endorsed by Lucasfilm Limited or The Walt Disney Company or affiliated with them in any way. Star Wars, the Star Wars logo, all names and images of Star Wars characters, vehicles, and all other Star Wars material are property of their respective trademark and copyright holders.

What Can You Find Here?

All Things Omega was only launched in August 2021 and is still in the process of establishing itself as a hub for, well, all things Omega, but here’s an idea of what you can expect to see on the site in the near future:

  • Articles and opinion pieces about Omega and Star Wars: The Bad Batch.
  • News about upcoming seasons of The Bad Batch and any relevant ancillary media.
  • News about upcoming merchandise releases, convention panels, and fan events.
  • Reviews of TV episodes, merchandise, and ancillary media.
  • Interviews with The Bad Batch cast and crew.
  • Curated collections of fan artwork and cosplay photos (via embedded posts, not reposts).
  • Articles about custom figures, dioramas, and other fan creations.
  • Fan spotlights and other features about the Omega and Bad Batch fanbase.

If you’re looking for episode guides or databank entries, the good folks over at StarWars.com have got you covered.

Who Runs This Site?

This site and its associated social media accounts are run by me, Kelly M. I’m the site admin and chief content creator for All Things Omega, which is currently on hiatus.

Omega in the Bad Batch episode "Rampage"

Do You Accept Article Submissions?

Not at present, but I may open the site to guest contributors in future.

Please do not send me any unsolicited pitches or articles, especially if these have no relevance to the content of this site, and please do not ask me to write a paid endorsement for your product or service. Spam will be deleted at my discretion and repeated requests to publish off-topic content on this site will earn you a not-so-coveted spot on my blocklist.

Do You Sell Any Omega or Bad Batch Merchandise?

I don’t create or sell any Omega or Bad Batch-themed merchandise of my own at the moment but you are more than welcome to purchase some Star Wars books, figures, and other goodies via the affiliate links dotted throughout this site!

All Things Omega is an Amazon Associate and a participant in Sideshow Collectibles’ Refer-a-Friend program. What this means is that I may earn a small commission from any qualifying purchases made via these affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

Alternatively, you can support fan artists around the world by purchasing their enamel pins, stickers, jewellery, art prints, and other fan-made merchandise on sites like Etsy, RedBubble, and INPRNT. All Things Omega will compile a list of fan merchandise vendors specialising in Omega and Bad Batch products in the not-too-distant future.

Omega in the Bad Batch episode "Common Ground"

How Can I Support this Site?

I do not have a Patreon account or sell any fan-made merchandise but there are a number of other ways you can show your support for All Things Omega:

  • You can share my articles on social media or Reddit;
  • You can tell your social media followers about this site;
  • You can add a link to this site or any of its articles from your own site or blog;
  • You can interview me or invite me to write a guest article for your site;
  • You can purchase items via the affiliate links on this site;
  • You can disable your ad blocker on this domain to help boost the site’s ad revenue; or
  • You can make a donation via the site’s Ko-fi page and help me offset the site’s running costs.

Affiliate Disclosure

This site is supported by its readers through affiliate marketing. This means that some of the product links used in my articles and displayed in the side menu are Amazon affiliate links or referral links generated via Sideshow Collectibles’ Refer-a-Friend program.

As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission from any qualifying purchases you make via Amazon or Amazon UK at no additional cost to you. Purchases made via the Sideshow referral links on this site may earn me commission in the form of Sideshow Rewards and, again, at no extra cost to you.


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