Lula Plush Doll Now Available at shopDisney

Good news for Bad Batch fans who want to cuddle their very own tooka doll – you can now buy Lula plush dolls through the shopDisney store! The 18-inch doll has embroidered features and detailed plush sculpting, and is an excellent gift for Star Wars fans of all ages.

It’s not hard to see why Wrecker and Omega were both so smitten with this scrappy but adorable cuddly toy and you can bring home a Lula to love by visiting the shopDisney store and purchasing yours today. The doll is retailed at $26.99 and will normally arrive within 7 business days.

Unfortunately, due to new tax laws introduced across Europe, shopDisney is currently unable to ship items to the United Kingdom or European Union, much to this European fan’s disappointment. I don’t know if Lula will eventually show up in the UK or EU shopDisney stores, so if you have any friends who are living in the States or are planning to visit the Disney parks within the next few months, this is the perfect time to ask them to collect this precious bounty on your behalf.

Looking for more Bad Batch merchandise? Visit my “Go Shopping” page for gift recommendations and check out my guide to fan-made merchandise if you’d prefer to support fan creators and small businesses.

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