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Gift Ideas

Looking for some Omega and The Bad Batch merchandise for yourself or a loved one? Searching for a new book to dive into, some Bad Batch-themed apparel, or an action figure to add to your collection? If so, scroll down and you’ll find a selection of great gift ideas to suit most tastes and budgets!

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to check out this list of online stores which specialise in fan-made Star Wars merchandise or browse the site’s “Merchandise” archive for other gift suggestions.


Action Figures and Figurines

Omega Black Series Action Figure – Hasbro’s articulated figure is modelled after Omega’s appearance in “Aftermath” and comes with several accessories: her trademark Zygerrian energy bow, the breather mask she used in “Replacements”, and the adorable “strange-looking lizard” Ruby. You can order this action figure via Amazon or Amazon UK.

Omega (Mercenary Gear) Black Series Action Figure – This fully articulated figure is modelled after Omega’s season two appearance and comes with several accessories: Omega’s signature energy bow, a collapsed version of the energy bow, and an alternate head sculpt, allowing fans to switch between Omega’s helmeted and unhelmeted look. You can pre-order this figure via Amazon and Amazon UK.

Omega Funko Pop! Figure – This adorable bobble-head vinyl figure is perfect for any Omega fan’s collection. If you’re based in the US, you may be able to order this figure via Target.Com. If you’re based in the UK or Europe, you can purchase yours via Amazon UK, Funko Europe, or other online retailers.

Kotobukiya ARTFX Bad Batch Statues – Kotobukiya’s 1/7 scale figures are a little on the pricey side but they perfectly capture the look of the Bad Batch as they appear in the series. At the time of writing, no figure for Omega had been announced but fans can already pre-order their Hunter, Wrecker, and Tech figures over on Sideshow Collectibles.

Hot Toys Bad Batch 1/6 Figures – These high-end 1/6 scale figures don’t come cheap but Hot Toys collectibles rarely disappoint. Unlike Kotobukiya, Hot Toys have opted for a more photorealistic approach and have modelled their Bad Batch figures after actor Temuera Morrison. Again, there was no sign of an Omega figure at the time of writing but Crosshair was recently announced and fans can already pre-order their Hunter and Echo figures via the Sideshow store.

Bad Batch action figures and collectible figures

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