‘The Bad Batch’ Season Two Trailer Wows Fans

We waited an eternity for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2022 only for the convention to be over in the blink of a clone’s eye. And even though the Bad Batch panel and many of the other larger panels weren’t live-streamed for the fans at home, we were still treated to our first glimpses of Clone Force 99’s new outfits, allies, and adventures in the Bad Batch season two trailer!

Amassing over four million views in just two days, the trailer is action-packed, visually stunning, and raises a lot of questions about what lies in store for Omega and her siblings in the upcoming season, which will be coming to Disney+ this autumn.

I’m not going to microanalyse the trailer here as I don’t think I can do it justice; there is just so much going on in this short but intense trailer. Plus I think it’s more fun for people to draw their own conclusions and devise their own fan theories.

But here are some thoughts on the Bad Batch season two trailer in no particular order:

  • The gang’s all here and their armour looks a lot more colourful this season. It looks like they haven’t embraced civilian clothing yet, though Hunter’s now wearing a scarf to match his signature red bandana. As executive producer and supervising director Brad Rau pointed out during the panel, the patchwork nature of the clones’ armour is intentional. “We iterated on these characters to get that kit-bashed, worn-through feeling, which really mirrors where they’re at at this point, very early on in Season Two.”

  • There are some beautiful locations in this trailer! Especially that tropical beach planet with its mangroves, shimmering blue waters, pristine beaches, and… monstrous crab creatures. If it weren’t for those giant critters, this could be the perfect spot for a relaxing beach holiday.
  • Commander Cody is finally back on our screens! And he’s hanging out with Crosshair. It’ll be interesting to see how the two of them are handling their new roles within the Empire and how Order 66 has affected Obi-Wan’s old friend.

  • The clone commandos are back and there seems to be even more of them this time around. Are they still training the new Stormtrooper recruits or are they beginning to rebel against their Imperial overlords?

  • So many explosions and gun ships! And battle droids? And is that a Zillo beast?!

  • Are we going back to Coruscant? We see glimpses of the Imperial Senate as Emperor Palpatine and his right-hand man Mas Amedda look ready to address the galaxy’s senators. Are those shots of Tipoca City’s destruction on the screens behind them?

  • OMEGA FINALLY HAS A HELMET AND A NEW OUTFIT! Her hair has grown and she’s looking visibly taller and a little older, as Brad Rau teased all those months ago. It’s not clear how much time has passed but I’d say it can’t be more than a year or two. Our girl seems to be using her energy bow more confidently now and has probably been training as a soldier since we last saw her, so expect her to kick some ass this season.

Naturally, fan artists wasted absolutely no time creating artwork based on Omega’s new look in the Bad Batch season two trailer. Here is just some of the fan art I spotted on social media mere hours after the trailer’s release!

The second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch will be landing on Disney+ this autumn. In the meantime, why not take this opportunity to rewatch season one or check out some of the articles on this site?


So, what did you think of the Bad Batch season two trailer? What do you think of Omega’s new look? Feel free to share your thoughts and theories in the comments section below!

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