Where to Buy Fan-Made Omega Merchandise

Omega may be the breakout character of Star Wars: The Bad Batch but fans have found it surprisingly hard to find officially licensed merchandise or collectibles of her, especially if they live outside of the United States or live far from the Disney parks. And while some items do exist and new items are being announced every few weeks, it’s still nowhere near enough to meet the growing demand.

So while we wait for Lucasfilm and Disney to rise to the challenge, why not support a small business and treat yourself or a loved one to some fan-made merchandise? Whether you’re looking for art prints, stickers, enamel pins, adorable charms, or Bad Batch-themed apparel, there is bound to be something to suit most tastes and budgets.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the vendors who sell Omega-themed items and some vendors may only have limited runs of Bad Batch merchandise, but it’s a good enough place to start. This page will be updated when time and resources allow, so if you run your own fan merchandise business and would like me to consider your online store for inclusion in this list, feel free to leave me a message below or email me.

Keep in mind that not all of the stores listed here ship internationally, that there may be considerable delays thanks to the ongoing pandemic, and that the prices quoted on vendors’ sites are often exclusive of shipping and customs fees. Be sure to familiarise yourself with each store’s orders, shipping, and returns policies before placing any orders and check the customer reviews if you have any concerns about the vendors. 😉



If you’re looking for art prints, enamel pins, and stickers based on The Bad Batch and other Star Wars animated series, Ksenia Zelentsova’s online store is the perfect place to start! This Moscow-based artist specialises in 2D illustration and comic art and she has created officially licensed work for Disney and The Topps Company. Examples of her artwork can be found on her professional website and I recently purchased this Omega enamel pin through her online store.

Examples of Ksenia Zelentsova's artwork and Omega merchandise
(Image credit: Lornaka/Ksenia Zelentsova)

You can also find a wide selection of other Clone Wars, Bad Batch, and Rebels merchandise – including phone case covers, stationery, and apparel – over at her RedBubble and Etsy stores. Feel free to follow Ksenia on Instagram or Twitter to learn more about her work and upcoming product releases.


Bus Stop Shop

Another great place for acrylic charms and stickers is Bus Stop Shop, which is based in Colorado, USA. Its products are created and sold by artist Steph and most items can be shipped internationally.

Bus Stop Shop logo
(Image credit: Bus Stop Shop)

While Bus Stop Shop doesn’t offer a huge selection of Bad Batch merchandise, it does have an range of adorable charms and stickers that would add some decorative flair to any fan’s keychain or device cover. Availability of certain items may be limited but new products are announced regularly via Steph’s Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Only Hope Supply Co.

This small business based in the United States has only done a few limited runs of Omega merchandise so far but they also offer a wonderful selection of Bad Batch-inspired enamel pins and T-shirts.

(Image credit: Only Hope Supply Co.)

There’s one major downside, though: Only Hope Supply Co. isn’t shipping items to the UK, Europe, or Australia at present and it’s unclear when (or if) this will change. If you’d like to know if the store can ship its products to your location, you should get in touch with the store admins via their Twitter or Instagram accounts.


Last updated on: December 2, 2021.

Disclaimer: All Things Omega is not affiliated with any of the vendors or small businesses listed above and its admin cannot personally vouch for the quality of the fan-made products sold via Etsy, RedBubble, or any other online store. If you have any concerns about the vendors or the quality of their products, it may be helpful to read customer reviews before purchasing anything.

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