The 5 Scariest Moments in ‘The Bad Batch’ Season 1

Halloween is just around the corner, so what better time to talk about some of the spookiest, creepiest, and otherwise unsettling moments of The Bad Batch‘s first season? From subterranean terrors to psychological nightmares, Omega and Clone Force 99 have had their fair share of scary encounters since they made the decision to flee Kamino.

Here are my picks for the five scariest moments of season one listed in descending order!

5 – Crosshair’s Transformation

I’ll be honest: Crosshair is, by far, my least favourite member of Clone Force 99. I’ve never particularly cared for his abrasive attitude, but watching him being forced to act against his will and turn on him brothers was downright chilling. The tense stand-off in the hangar in “Aftermath” was only the beginning. His cold-blooded execution of ES-01 and the subsequent deaths of innocent civilians on Onderon, his ruthless behaviour towards his former team-mates and Omega on Bracca, and his near-lethal shot at Twi’lek senator Orn Free Taa to frame the Syndulla family for attempted assassination are all sobering reminders of how far he has fallen, willingly or otherwise.

It’s not entirely clear when he removed the chip or whether his refusal to leave Kamino with his brothers at the end of “Kamino Lost” was a lingering effect of his brainwashing or a choice made of his own volition. Either way, fans will continue to worry about his well-being and wonder what other atrocities he will commit before he turns his life around.


4 – The Dragon’s Den

When the Marauder crash-landed after a hasty escape from Saleucami, the Batch found themselves stranded on a desolate moon with a thin atmosphere and bathed in darkness. But they soon found out they weren’t alone as a mysterious Ordo Moon Dragon made its presence known in a manner reminiscent of Leia’s close encounter with a bat-like mynock, as seen in The Empire Strikes Back. The masterful sound design and nocturnal surroundings added to the dragon’s fear factor, and Omega found herself tasked with the daunting task of retrieving a stolen capacitor when Hunter is taken by surprise and left unconscious on the way to the dragon’s den.

What really stood out about this creature encounter was the way Omega put the mission first and faced her fears head on. As she explored the dragon’s lair, it was clear that she was more than a little terrified and ready to shoot the creature in self-defence. But as she studied the dragon and began to understand its needs, she was able to overcome her fear and reach a peaceful compromise with the starving animal. Perhaps there’s a lesson here for all of us.


3 – The Abandoned Lab on Bora Vio

From the sinister rendition of Omega’s theme to the sickly green light bathing the interior of the cavernous hall, the abandoned cloning facility on Bora Vio seen in the episode “Bounty Lost” is the stuff of nightmares.

The tubes of failed experiments were not just a nod to the Kaminoans’ aberrant scientific endeavours but also a reminder of Omega’s past and the fate that awaited her if she had been successfully caught and returned to Nala Se’s laboratory. The audience can’t help but feel sympathy for the young girl as she came face to face with one of her deepest fears. We’ve only known Omega for a few short months but we all dreaded the possibility of any harm coming to her.


2 – The Escape from Tipoca City

Not so much a scary moment as a series of stressful, life-threatening incidents, the aerial bombardment of Tipoca City and the subsequent escape to safety had us all on tenterhooks as the six clones and AZI-3 battled to stay alive as the city collapsed around them and sunk to the bottom of the Kaminoan ocean.

One moment Omega and Crosshair were seconds away from a watery grave, the next, the gang were forced to dodge falling debris in order to make it to the relative (albeit temporary) safety of their old barracks. From cracking glass corridors to sea monsters to a mad dash to the surface in claustrophobic medical capsules, the Batch and the audience were given no respite. And, love him or loathe him, things would have turned out very differently for Omega and her trusty droid companion if Crosshair hadn’t had a pang of conscience and rescued the two from certain death. Phew.


1 – Wrecker in Order 66 Mode

What could be scarier than seeing your own brother turn into a near-unstoppable killing machine, especially when the episodes leading up to “Battle Scars” had taken the time to establish Wrecker and Omega’s growing friendship? The writers may have teased the activation of Wrecker’s inhibitor chip for weeks but none of us were truly prepared to see the gentle giant turn into the Terminator.

Wrecker in Order 66 mode, one of the scariest moments in The Bad Batch.

It was stressful enough watching the muscular clone take down Rex and his Batch brothers but my heart began to race when he started chasing Omega down the corridors like something out of a horror film. Omega’s close call with death was terrifying enough but what I feared most was the end of a beautiful friendship. Would the young clone be able to trust Wrecker again after he almost killed her? Thankfully, my fears were soon allayed by Omega’s endless supply of compassion and a handful of post-mission Mantell Mix.


So those were the five scenes that gave me the creeps. Which scenes made you fear for the Batch’s safety? Were there any scary moments that chilled you to your core? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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