Michelle Ang is Back in the Studio for ‘The Bad Batch’ Season Two

Production on the second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch is well underway and Michelle Ang, voice of Omega, recently shared a photo of herself in a recording booth, preparing to record some dialogue for the show.

She wrote: “In a proper studio for the first time in forever to tidy up some work on the @badbatchseries. Amazing how our team can connect from across the world and during a lockdown.”

Michelle has previously talked about how the pandemic had impacted her work on the show’s first season. In her interview with StarWars.Com, Michelle revealed that she and Bad Batch co-star Dee Bradley Baker had only recorded the series premiere “Aftermath” in the same studio before she had to return to New Zealand to fulfil other work commitments. Once there, lockdowns and travel restrictions barred her from leaving the country, so she ended up recording most of her dialogue from home thanks to the wonders of modern technology: Zoom calls and an improvised recording booth in her bedroom, where she used a bunch of old mattresses as soundproofing.

Judging from the accounts she tagged in her post, Michelle still hasn’t been able to return to the studio in the US but had instead booked a recording session with Envy Studios, a post-production and recording studio based in Auckland. We don’t know exactly what she was working on – at this stage of the season’s production, she was probably doing ADR pickups – but eagle-eyed fans will no doubt have spotted Tech and Echo on the screen in the background.

Michelle was, however, able to offer some teasers in her replies to inquisitive fans:

The Bad Batch promotional art

I don’t know about the rest of you but I absolutely cannot wait to see what Michelle Ang, Dee Bradley Baker, and the rest of the Bad Batch cast and crew have in store for us next year. Could we see a teaser trailer or sizzle reel for the upcoming season during the Disney+ Day festivities on November 12? Let’s hope so!

Omega and the rest of Clone Force 99 will be returning for a brand new season of missions, misadventures, and intrigue sometime in 2022, streaming exclusively on Disney+!


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