The #OmegaOctober Challenge

Looking for a fun way to celebrate Omega, The Bad Batch, and the joys of alliteration? October 1 marks the launch of #OmegaOctober, a month-long celebration of the Bad Batch fan community and all of our favourite Omega moments and quotes from season one.

Daily prompts will be posted on the site’s Twitter account, @StarWarsOmega, starting from October 1, but if you need extra time to gather your screenshots and prepare your answers or you would rather post your replies on a different social media platform, you can find all 31 prompts listed below.

  1. First impressions of Omega.
  2. Favourite Omega-Hunter scene.
  3. Favourite Omega-Wrecker scene.
  4. Favourite Omega-Tech scene.
  5. Favourite Omega-Echo scene.
  6. Favourite Omega-Crosshair scene.
  7. Favourite Omega-Cid scene.
  8. Favourite friendship.
  9. Favourite animal/creature encounter.
  10. Favourite Omega scene from “Aftermath”.
  11. Favourite Omega scene from “Cut and Run”.
  12. Favourite Omega scene from “Replacements”.
  13. Favourite Omega scene from “Cornered”.
  14. Favourite Omega scene from “Rampage”.
  15. Favourite Omega scene from “Decommissioned”.
  16. Favourite Omega scene from “Battle Scars”.
  17. Favourite Omega scene from “Reunion”.
  18. Favourite Omega scene from “Bounty Lost”.
  19. Favourite Omega scene from “Common Ground”.
  20. Favourite Omega scenes from “Devil’s Deal” and “Rescue on Ryloth”.
  21. Favourite Omega scene from “Infested”.
  22. Favourite Omega scene from “War-Mantle”
  23. Favourite Omega scenes from “Return to Kamino” and “Kamino Lost”.
  24. Favourite Omega scene from season one.
  25. Favourite Omega quote.
  26. Favourite Omega GIF or meme.
  27. Have you drawn any Omega fan art or cosplayed as Omega?
  28. Do you collect any Omega merchandise?
  29. What kind of Omega merchandise would you like to own?
  30. Do you have any theories about Omega’s origins or purpose?
  31. What would you like to see Omega do in season two?
Omega meets a voorpak

If you missed the official start date or you feel you cannot commit to daily posts, don’t worry. You’re welcome to complete the challenge whenever and however suits you. Feel free to download these graphics and post your replies on social media at your own leisure. 🙂

And don’t forget to use the hashtag #OmegaOctober if you would like me to find and share your posts on Twitter!


Looking for even more Omega and The Bad Batch news, articles, fan art, cosplay photos, opinions, memes, and fun facts? Then come find me over on Twitter, @StarWarsOmega, or Instagram, @AllThingsOmega!

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