Spooky Season has arrived a little early this year in the form of several new Halloween-themed animated shorts, courtesy of LEGO Star Wars! The seasonally titled short “The Pumpkin Batch” sees Clone Force 99 take on a bunch of bumbling battle droids as they attempt to retrieve some pumpkins from an eerie vegetable patch and deliver them to a group of grateful villagers.

My only, somewhat personal gripe with this adorable short is the fact that Omega didn’t join her brothers on this festive mission. Granted, this is most likely due to the fact that LEGO has yet to reveal an official minifig for Omega and these shorts are clearly based on LEGO’s current wave of Star Wars building sets, but fans have noticed a worrying trend of Omega being overlooked when it comes to Bad Batch merchandise. Something we can only hope will be remedied in the not-too-distant future.

Update: Omega eventually got her own Lego minifig and went on to appear in the summer vacation-themed short, Bad Batch Vacation.

You can watch “The Pumpkin Batch” and the other four shorts that were released this week over on the LEGO YouTube channel. And, don’t forget, the feature-length Halloween special, LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales, will be available to stream on Disney+ as from October 1!


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