Interview: Sean and Dean Kiner on ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ and Omega’s Theme

All Things Omega interview with Sean and Dean Kiner

If you have ever watched a Star Wars film or television series, you will be well-acquainted with the way music is used to take the audience on emotional journeys alongside their beloved protagonists and transport them to that galaxy far, far away. Among the musical maestros who have enthralled us, inspired us, and occasionally left us heartbroken are brothers Sean and Dean Kiner, who have followed in their father Kevin’s footsteps in creating some of the Star Wars animated universe’s most memorable and cherished themes.

I recently got in touch with Sean and Dean Kiner to ask them about their work on The Bad Batch. Here is what they had to say about the show’s score, the inspiration behind Omega’s theme, and their favourite members of Clone Force 99!


Q: We can’t imagine the series without her now but Omega’s existence was kept a secret from the fans until about a month before The Bad Batch season premiere. When did you find out that the series would be introducing a new female clone and were you given a character description or any notes about her character arc when you were tasked with writing a brand new theme for her?

I believe we didn’t know about her character until we first see her in The Bad Batch! For a lot of these, we’re essentially experiencing the episodes the same way the fans do; we don’t know what’s going to happen in the next episode or how any of the characters will grow as time goes on. Oftentimes, [supervising director] Brad Rau will make a point of saying “I’m so excited for you to see the next episode! No spoilers!”

Q: Sean, you’ve mentioned in other interviews that your daughter Raven was a major source of inspiration for Omega’s theme. Can you tell us a little more about that?

Sean: Yes! It was early in 2020, so it was a pretty dark time in general. But on the other hand, I had this wonderful, luminous little ray of inspiration and hope babbling at me and puking everywhere. It put me in the perfect mindset to compose something for Omega, who we meet at one of the darkest points in the Star Wars timeline but who has this unshakeable optimism and potential.

There is always hope for the future, and we can always turn things around if we help each other. That’s what Omega believes, that’s what we believe, and that’s the sentiment we tried to capture with the theme.

Q: Omega’s theme can be heard weaving in and out of many of the tracks on the season one soundtrack, especially in tracks like “Raising Kids” and “First Time in Space”. One of my favourite renditions of her theme, which sadly seems to be missing from the soundtrack, can be heard in the episode “Battle Scars”, when Wrecker apologises to Omega for losing control and almost killing her… and she promptly forgives him and whips out a handful of emergency post-mission Mantell Mix. Do you have any particular favourite uses of her theme?

Dean: I personally really love the way we play it along with Hera’s theme. It was so fun to have her back and have a different approach to where she was as a character! When the two themes got to meet, it created a new texture that was so fun for us to play with.

Sean: The moment when Omega first sees dirt holds a special place in my heart. And even though it’s super quick, I really liked how it plays when she shares a look with Crosshair after Tipoca City sinks to the ocean floor.

Q: Let’s talk about the Star Wars fan community for a moment. Your family’s work on The Bad Batch has received a lot of praise from fans of the show and your weekly teaser tweets and memes created quite a stir on social media in the lead-up to each week’s new episode. But be honest: Do you realise how deliciously cruel you were towards the end of the season (see here) and did you enjoy making us all suffer?

Oh yes, absolutely. I was constantly just thinking to myself “Is this too mean?” Then we’d post it anyways, LOL.

It honestly meant a lot to us to have so many people interacting with us and getting excited about any memes that we would post. We’re so cooped up and alone in our studios that we forget how many people care about what we do. We are extremely grateful.

Q: And, last but not least, do you have a favourite member of the Bad Batch? Don’t worry. We won’t be offended if it isn’t Omega. 😉

Dean: I’m a huge Wrecker fan. I just really emotionally connect to yelling often and wanting to blow most things up.

Sean: I used to think I had an answer to this, but having typed and deleted answers to this for, like, 10 minutes and considered every member, I’m just gonna have to say I don’t know. Haha!


I would just like to express my enormous gratitude to Sean and Dean Kiner for accepting my request to interview them for All Things Omega and for sharing their Bad Batch love (and memes) with fellow fans on social media. You can find the Kiners on Twitter (@KinerMusic) and Instagram (@KinerMusic).

If you’d like to learn more about their work on the series and other projects, feel free to visit their website or check out their interviews with Wookieepedia and Randall Larson of And, don’t forget, the complete soundtrack for The Bad Batch season one is now available for your streaming pleasure.


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