‘The Bad Batch’ Celebrates Season Finale with Star-Studded Poster from Guy Shield

Lucasfilm and Disney+ celebrated the epic conclusion of The Bad Batch’s first season in style with this visually stunning poster created by Australian illustrator Guy Shield, who had previously created Bad Batch-themed artwork for StarWars.com’s range of mobile device wallpapers.

Omega and the other members of Clone Force 99 are joined by an impressive cast of secondary characters, including newcomers Cid, the no-nonsense Trandoshan owner of Cid’s Parlor, the sultry Captain Howzer, and the deliciously despicable Vice Admiral Rampart. The more cynical members of the Star Wars fanbase may point to this poster as an example of fan service gone awry, but as a fan of Star Wars animation and The Mandalorian, I appreciate the interconnectivity and the opportunity to revisit some of my favourite Rebels characters at an earlier stage in their lives. But each to their own.

'Star Wars: The Bad Batch' season finale poster by Guy Shield

Creating a poster that highlighted over 20 of the show’s growing roster of characters was no mean feat, as artist Guy Shield explained over on his Instagram account. “Finding the right balance was tricky, and we explored plenty of variations (scroll across to see a video of all the trials and tweaks across the journey as well as some details), arriving at this composition in the end that allowed the key characters to shine.”

As you can see from Guy’s video, the poster went through several major iterations and colour schemes before he settled on its final composition and layout. But it’s good to see that Omega was featured prominently in virtually every iteration of this poster, as she should. 😉

Omega and the rest of Clone Force 99 will be returning for a brand new season of missions, misadventures, and intrigue in 2022, streaming exclusively on Disney+!

So, who was your favourite returning character in season one? Who would you like to see make a guest appearance in season two? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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