Omega Now Available in ‘Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes’

Looking for a video game where you can play as Omega, the curious young clone from Kamino and undeniable heart of the Bad Batch? Then look no further than Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, EA Capital Games’ immensely popular collectible RPG game for Android and iOS which allows you to collect characters and ships from across the Star Wars galaxy and engage in turn-based war on the holotables.

The developers announced Omega’s arrival back in July 2021 with an in-depth look at her unique abilities and synergy with her Clone Force 99 brothers… and this adorable piece of artwork.

Omega in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Official artwork
Image credit: EA Capital Games

Omega comes equipped with her trademark Zygerrian energy bow and, to mirror her development on the show, she becomes more confident and skilled with her weapon of choice with time and practice. The longer the engagement, the more damage she will deal to her foes.

She’s described as a “clever and empathetic attacker who utilizes buffs, debuffs, and the presence of her Bad Batch allies to take out her foes” and according to the game’s developers, “she was always planned to be the fifth member” of the game’s Bad Batch squad, adding that the other Batchers’ abilities were “specifically created with Omega’s synergies in mind”. Granted, it may take a while to farm, gear up, and mod the entire Bad Batch squad, especially if you prefer not to rely on in-app purchases to speed up the process, but it seems like the effort will be well worth it.

Omega’s basic, special, and unique abilities reflect her role, personality, and abilities on the show and you can find a comprehensive guide to her in-game abilities in Capital Games’ Kit Reveal post. My favourite detail is Omega’s Relic, which happens to be Lula, the cuddly tooka doll once owned by Wrecker and gifted to her in the first-season episode “Replacements”.

Image and video credit: All Things Omega

You can find a full guide to Omega’s abilities and tips for modding her for maximum effectiveness over on SWGOH.GG.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes can be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store. The game is free to download and play but please be aware that it offers a variety of in-app purchases, something you should keep in mind if you have any younger gamers at home. To learn more about the game, visit the official EA website.


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