Add some Bad Batch flair to your smartphones and other mobile devices by downloading these snazzy Bad Batch wallpapers, courtesy of the official Star Wars website!

Below you will find a growing archive of officially licensed mobile device wallpapers plus some basic information about their respective artists. Click on the images or wallpaper titles to download the full-size versions for your use.

Wallpapers by The Red Dress

The wallpaper “Omega and Hera” was created by Oliver Bland and Olivia Chancellor, who run the London-based illustration and commercial artists studio, The Red Dress.

"Omega and Hera"

This husband-and-wife team of freelance illustrators share a passion for B movie posters and pulp fiction illustration and this is reflected in their own visually-striking, vintage-style artwork. For more examples of their work, visit their website or give them a follow on Twitter or Instagram.


Wallpapers by We Buy Your Kids (W$YK)

The wallpapers “Omega”, “The Bad Batch and the Marauder”, and “Fennec and Cad” were created by artist duo Biddy Maroney and Sonny Day, otherwise known as We Buy Your Kids (W$YK).

The Sydney-based team are known for their colourful, abstract art and have a diverse portfolio of clients. You can learn more about their work over on their website and Instagram account.


Wallpapers by Guy Shield

The wallpapers “The Bad Batch Sizzle” and “Pantora” were created by Melbourne-based illustrator Guy Shield, who cites graphic novels, movie posters, and traditional prints as his main sources of inspiration.

Guy Shield was also commissioned to create the incredible end-of-season poster, which highlighted most of the show’s roster of characters and deserves an article of its own. For now, if you’d like to learn more about his work, visit his website or check out his Instagram account.


Wallpapers by Hokyoung Kim

The atmospheric wallpapers “The Bad Batch and Clone Force 99 Logo”, “The Bad Batch”, and “Howzer” were created by South Korean illustrator Hokyoung Kim.

Hokyoung Kim describes herself as an illustrator who “likes to draw images with moods, narratives, and lights” and you can see more examples of her work over on her website or on her Instagram account.


This archive will be updated whenever new Bad Batch wallpapers are made available on the official Bad Batch series hub. If you haven’t already visited it, the hub is a great source for promotional artwork, stills, and videos, and their episode guides are packed with fun trivia and concept art.

Credit: All of the images shown above are property of Lucasfilm Limited/Disney and their respective artists.


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