The Bad Batch Soundtrack Volumes 1 and 2 Now Available

Music can make or break the emotional impact of a scene and anyone who has been watching The Bad Batch these past few months will know that a simple melody can make your heart soar or shatter it to pieces. Now, you can relive the joy, intrigue, adventure, and heartache of the show’s first season by listening to the Bad Batch soundtrack!

The soundtrack features music from Emmy-nominated composer Kevin Kiner and his sons, Sean and Dean Kiner, as well as contributions from composers Peter Lam, Nolan Markey, and David Glen Russell. As Kevin revealed in his interview with back in May 2021, the music of The Bad Batch builds upon the thematic structure of The Clone Wars and takes some inspiration from classic war films such as The Dirty Dozen and The Guns of Navarone. He also pointed out that the show’s score is more eclectic in nature, reflecting the misfit personalities of the show’s protagonists.

Volume I consists of 37 tracks from the series’ first eight episodes and has a total runtime of 118 minutes. Among its offerings are the Spaghetti Western-inspired The Bounty Hunter is Back, the wonderfully inspiring First Time in Space and, most importantly, my favourite new Star Wars theme, Omega’s Theme, an emotive orchestral piece that feels simultaneously uplifting and bittersweet and weaves itself in and out of much of the show’s score.

The Kiners have once again done a spectacular job of ensuring that this theme will leave me emotionally devastated someday. And did you know that “Omega’s Theme” was inspired by Sean’s baby daughter?

Volume II consists of 38 tracks from episodes 9 to 16 and has a total runtime of 132 minutes. Fans of Star Wars Rebels will be delighted to hear Hera’s theme make an appearance in a number of tracks, most notably in Flying Is a Feeling, while fans of Attack of the Clones and The Clone Wars will likely recognise a few familiar themes in the tracks Secret Landing Pad and Leaving Kamino. In fact, the latter track proved to be an emotional undertaking for the Kiner brothers, as they explained in their Twitter thread.

All in all, the soundtrack for the first season of The Bad Batch is pretty solid and contains some of the greatest and most memorable tunes ever created for Star Wars television. The Kiners keep upping their game with each new season of television and I can’t wait to see what they’ll have in store for the Batch in 2022.

You can listen to volumes I and II via the embedded YouTube videos above or over on Spotify. And you can read my interview with Sean and Dean Kiner to learn more about their work on the show and their inspiration for Omega’s theme!

So, which tracks do you find yourselves listening to on repeat? Are there any tracks that bring a tear to your eye? Feel free to discuss the Bad Batch soundtrack in the comments section below!


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